The Czech Republic will be the partner country at the citizens’ festival, with stands that will inspire new discoveries and new friendships. Visitors to the citizens’ festival can win prizes in a country quiz, learn Czech words in a taster language class, sample Bohemian kolache and enter an authentic fairytale world.

Particularly in today’s conflict-ridden world, it’s important to have reliable partners who we can develop new visions, preserve established traditions, defend liberal values and overcome fears about the future with.

Ordinary people from both sides of the border have long proven that they can be reliable partners in good times and bad. Thanks to their commitment, German-Czech relations have a rock-solid foundation that will serve them well as they continue to develop in the future. They are not just abstract strategy, but everyday reality. That is good news for our countries, for the Central European region and for all of Europe.

“We are proud to be celebrating the anniversary of a joint project: our German-Czech Future Fund is turning 25 years old. The Future Fund makes civic engagement and neighbourly cooperation even more fun!”
Tomáš Kafka, Czech Ambassador